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The 3-Hour Diet On the Go

ykaqswg5fg5w32gdhtThe 3-Hour Diet (TM) On the Go by Jorge Cruise
2009 | English | 198 pages | ASIN: B000FCKIC8 | PDF | 11.7 MB

Imagine eating your favorite foods every 3 hours to finally get the results you’ve been searching for. NO calorie-counting, NO carb deprivation, and NO skipping sweets.


Tamil Love Poetry

8gt78wtyf983rq43Tamil Love Poetry: The Five Hundred Short Poems of the Ainkurunuru by Martha Ann Selby
2011 | English | 256 pages | ISBN: 0231150652 | EPUB | 17.3 MB

Dating from the early decades of the third century C.E., the Ainkurunuru is believed to be the world’s earliest anthology of classical Tamil love poetry. Commissioned by a Cera-dynasty king and composed by five masterful poets, the anthology illustrates the five landscapes of reciprocal love: jealous quarreling, anxious waiting and lamentation, clandestine love before marriage, elopement and love in separation, and patient waiting after marriage.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Website

e5df7t3762t472fgeThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Website by Paul McFedries
2016 | English | 384 pages | ISBN: 1592577881 | PDF | 30 MB

The essential guide for getting the internet traffic every smallbusiness owner needs. CD included.

Today’s small-business websites require advanced features that visitors expect: streaming video and audio; e-commerce; custom surveys, forms, and polls; and discussion groups.


The Art of the Kill

57yr87th38h45The Art of the Kill: A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Air Combat by Pete Bonanni
1993 | English | 165 pages | ISBN: 0928784835 | PDF | 16.9 MB

Art of the Kill has been designed to teach you the fundamentals of Basic Fighter Maneuvers (BFM).


The Diabetes Cure

978fsf23f608The Diabetes Cure: The 5-Step Plan to Eliminate Hunger, Lose Weight and Reverse Diabetes — For Good! by Alexa Fleckenstein
2014 | English | 320 pages | ISBN: 162336082X | PDF | 3.82 MB

Many doctors tell their patients how to manage diabetes, but why should they simply manage it when they can be rid of it once and for all? In the Diabetes Cure, Alexa Fleckenstein presents a groundbreaking plan to do just that by targeting the real cause of diabetes: inflammation.


The Oxford Handbook of the History of Physics

1z4w59h9j78175The Oxford Handbook of the History of Physics by Jed Z. Buchwald and Robert Fox
2014 | English | 976 pages | ISBN: 019969625X | PDF | 12 MB

The Oxford Handbook of the History of Physics brings together cutting-edge writing by more than twenty leading authorities on the history of physics from the seventeenth century to the present day.


The Electric Theories of J. Clerk Maxwell

7f22061jab332651aThe Electric Theories of J. Clerk Maxwell: A Historical and Critical Study by Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem and Alan Aversa
2015 | English | 185 Pages | ISBN: 3319185144 | PDF | 1.33 MB

In this volume Pierre Duhem first gives an overview of 19th century electricity and magnetism. Next, he applies his keen historical, philosophical, and physical intuition to critiquing Maxwell’s theories, especially his electromagnetic theory of light and the ad hoc introduction of displacement current, which he considers too much a product of the “esprit de géométrie” than the “esprit de finesse,” as Pascal calls it.


The Fast Track CCSK Certification

467g28tjkytThe Fast Track CCSK Certification: The Ultimate Guide for Cloud Certification by RACHID ECHOUAH
2016 | English | 81 Pages | ASIN: B01CDD4A5W | AZW3 + EPUB + MOBI + PDF | 430 KB + 331 KB + 722 KB + 897 KB

The Cloud Computing Security Knowledge CCSK is vendor-neutral certification. It certifies competency in key cloud security areas covering architecture, governance, compliance, operations, encryption, virtualization and much more.


The Foundation Engineering Handbook

e56hej65hhf7The Foundation Engineering Handbook by Manjriker Gunaratne
2013 | English | 727 Pages | ASIN: B00GM06KBA | PDF | 75.2 MB

Considering how structures interact with soil, and building proper foundations, is vital to ensuring public safety and to the longevity of buildings. Understanding the strength and compressibility of subsurface soil is essential to the foundation engineer. The Foundation Engineering Handbook, Second Edition provides the fundamentals of foundation engineering needed by professional engineers and engineering students.


The Large Hadron Collider

75y6h3j75y3t85The Large Hadron Collider: Harvest of Run 1 by Thomas Schörner-Sadenius
2015 | English | 532 Pages | ISBN: 3319150006 | PDF | 25.8 MB

This comprehensive volume summarizes and structures the multitude of results obtained at the LHC in its first running period and draws the grand picture of today’s physics at a hadron collider.