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Manufacturing Productivity in China

wau4fg28374Manufacturing Productivity in China by Li Zheng, Simin Huang and Zhihai Zhang
English | 2016 | ASIN: B019FNKO3U | 380 pages | PDF | 12.4 MB

Chinese manufacturing industries continue to impact the world economy. It is important to understand what is happening in China and the uniqueness of Chinese manufacturing industries. Manufacturing Productivity in China brings together a group of authors from academia and industry to give an industrial engineering micro viewpoint instead of an economical macro viewpoint to this subject. It includes first-hand case studies to better understand the competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing industries.


Kinematics of Industrial Robots

sj39w8flgutjeotKinematics of Industrial Robots by Wilmer, W Eduardo and E Sanz
English | 2016 | ISBN: 9801285346 | 191 pages | EPUB + AZW3 + MOBI + PDF | 2.67 MB + 3.01 MB + 3.76 MB + 4.77 MB

This book is about of analysis and kinematic modelling of the most important Industrial Robots configurations, like are: Cartesian, Cylindrical, Spherical, SCARA and Anthropomorphic in several historical and commercial models.


Pistons and engine testing

3d696c6f8k254612bd2Pistons and engine testing by MAHLE International GmbH
English | 2016 | ISBN: 3658099402 | 296 pages | PDF | 23 MB

The ever-increasing demands placed on combustion engines are just as great when it comes to this centerpiece?the piston.


Mobility Modeling for Vehicular Communication Networks

f4hq2i6f4q2o344Mobility Modelling for Vehicular Communication Networks by Khadige Abboud and Weihua Zhuang
English | 2016 | ISBN: 3319255053 | 82 pages | PDF | 2.11 MB

This brief presents a stochastic microscopic mobility model that describes the temporal changes of intervehicle distances. The model is consistent with simulated and empirical vehicle traffic patterns. Using stochastic lumpability methods, the proposed mobility model is mapped into an aggregated mobility model that describes the mobility of a group of vehicles. In addition, the proposed mobility model is used to analyze the spatiotemporal VANET topology.


Real-Time Software Design for Embedded Systems

iks4h5wi38563q658Real-Time Software Design for Embedded Systems by Hassan Gomaa
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1107041090 | 1172 pages | AZW3 + MOBI + PDF | 12.5 MB + 16.1 MB + 24.4 MB

This tutorial reference takes the reader from use cases to complete architectures for real-time embedded systems using SysML, UML, and MARTE and shows how to apply the COMET/RTE design method to real-world problems.


Manual of Ready-Mixed Concrete

irhf3w54q342Manual of Ready-Mixed Concrete by R Anderson and J D Dewar
English | 1992 | ISBN: 0751400793 | 247 pages | PDF | 8 MB

The new edition of this successful manual has been carefully revised throughout to take account of recent changes and to incorporate amendments required due to the publication of the revised BS 5328.


Manufacturing Processes

20869yt9f0da65Manufacturing Processes by H.N. Gupta, R.C. Gupta and Arun Mittal
2009 | English | 194 pages | ISBN: 8122428445 | PDF | 1.55 MB

Manufacturing Processes by H. N. Gupta, R .C. Gupta, Arun Mittal is an introductory textbook on manufacturing processes that is written for the first year engineering students of various universities. Manufacturing industry being the backbone of any industrialized nation which is paramount to all engineering student, to enable them to familiar with the basic concepts of manufacturing processes as it has applications in every field of engineering and technology.


Geometry Part 1

3f875yerghi8653h4Geometry Part 1 by Inc. BarCharts
2001 | English | 4 pages | ISBN: 1572225327 | PDF | 10.2 MB

Coverage of the fundamental structure of geometry.


Physics of Direct Hit and Near Miss Warhead Technology

i8ajd475j9p8734Physics of Direct Hit and Near Miss Warhead Technology by R. Lloyd
2001 | English | 416 pages | ISBN: 1563474735 | PDF | 94.2 MB

This title discusses direct hit technology in conjunction with a class of warheads coined near miss or direct hit warhead technology.